Do I have alopecia? The question I often get asked by patients. Many people think of alopecia as a particular type of hair loss, usually that of a patchy loss which can go on to develop into total hair loss of the head, and sometimes the entire body.


This type of hair loss is actually called alopecia areata, alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis, respectively. In fact, the word alopecia is the general term used for any type of hair loss, whether it be thinning, gradual, sudden, diffuse, temporary etc.

Alopecia can be temporary, known as non-scarring, or permanent known as scarring.


With non-scarring hair loss, the hair follicle is still present and therefore hair growth is still possible. Unfortunately, with scarring hair loss the hair follicle is destroyed, and this means it is no longer possible to regrow hair resulting in a permanent hair loss.
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