Meet Katrina Horman MIT,

Registered Consultant Trichologist

Hello, my name is Katrina, I qualified as a Trichologist with the Institute of Trichologists. I am passionate about helping people with hair and scalp problems. I truly understand just how devastating hair loss can be, and the impact it can have on someone’s emotional well-being.

I started my journey in hairdressing, where very early on in my career I was fortunate enough to work alongside an extremely talented stylist who was also hugely knowledgeable when it came to hair and scalp health. It was then that my interest in Trichology was sparked. After many years of seeing people struggle with hair and scalp problems in my day- to- day work, I realised that there was nowhere for them to get help. I really wanted to help them get the answers, support and treatments they needed.


I set up the Katrina Horman Trichology Clinic in 2019 after graduating from the Institute of Trichologists with whom I am now an associate member. I continue to attend regular seminars and events to ensure I keep up to date with the very latest research developments and treatments.

To find out more about the Institute of Trichologists and view the code of ethics that all members are required to adhere to you can visit their website here.


I am married and blessed with two children, so life is pretty busy. When I’m not working in the clinic or running around after my family, I try to take some me time by going to the gym and walking. I love cooking, coffee and catching up with friends.


I really look forward to helping you.



Getting the answers to a hair and scalp problem is often harder than you might expect. Much time and money can be wasted on inappropriate products and self-diagnosis.


Maybe you have visited your doctor and didn’t get the answers you hoped for, or you haven’t yet reached out for help. Whether it is something you have just noticed or something that has been concerning you for a while, as a Trichologist I am trained specifically to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp. I will work closely with you, taking a holistic approach to get to the bottom of your concerns. I offer honest ethical advice, solutions and support to get you back to hair and scalp health.


Hair and scalp issues are very often complex therefore, all new patients require an initial consultation. The Initial Consultation is £220 and can be booked online by clicking here.

The initial consultation is very thorough and usually takes between 1 – 1.5 hrs. I will take the time to really listen to your concerns, discuss your health, lifestyle, nutrition, family history and hair care regime. I will carry out a gentle but in-depth examination of your hair and scalp, including the use of a digital trichoscope to assist me in arriving at a differential diagnosis. A treatment plan is then discussed, along with any referral that maybe needed such as to your GP, or other professionals like dermatologists, nutritionist. Sometimes I require blood tests to assist with my diagnosis.


I will always explain everything to you clearly and answer any questions that you may have. I often provide you with information leaflets to take home. After the consultation I will write to you summarising all that we have discussed, including any recommended treatment plans. I am always happy to answer any questions that may arise following your initial consultation. Should you embark on a treatment plan I recommend having a follow up consultation 3 – 4 months after your initial consultation, to monitor treatment effectiveness.

When it comes to hair and scalp problems there is no “one fits all” solution. Any advice or treatment plan is tailored specifically to you as an individual. There is no hard selling, or miracle cures on offer, just ethical, honest, reliable advice that you can trust.


All consultations are carried out in a private, comfortable setting at the Katrina Horman Trichology Clinic in St Helier. The consultation room is on the 1st floor and currently there is no lift access. Should you require disabled access please contact me directly.