Scalp Problems

These are the most common conditions I come across in the clinic. There are many more conditions that are not covered here that I’m qualified to diagnose and help with.

Katrina Horman - Scalp Problems Dandruff
Katrina Horman - Scalp Problems Dandruff



Scalp problems such as dandruff can affect anyone at any time, and they can be pretty bothersome. Do you avoid wearing dark clothing because you are worried about dandruff and flakiness causing embarrassment? Is it affecting your self-confidence? Dandruff is extremely common, and it can vary in severity from a few loose flakes to heavy scaling known as seborrhoeic dermatitis (eczema) which can be itchy, sore, and cause redness on the scalp.


Dandruff that is mild can usually be treated effectively with an antidandruff shampoo, but more severe cases may require more specific treatments. If your scalp is red, sore and itchy you may have a different condition and you should get a diagnosis from a qualified trichologist.
Katrina Horman - Scalp Problems Psoriasis



 Psoriasis of the scalp is common, and it can cause embarrassment due to the flaking and redness that can sometimes be visible on the hairline. The affected areas of the scalp are usually red/pink with silvery white scaling that can be extremely itchy.


When the scales are picked and scratched it can cause hair to come away with it, leaving visible blood spots. Scalp psoriasis rarely causes permanent hair loss, and it can often be effectively managed with the correct treatment and homecare.
Katrina Horman - Scalp Problems Psoriasis

Pityriasis Amiantacea


This condition can follow on from seborrhoeic dermatitis or psoriasis and it is often linked to stress. The scaling can be very heavy and thick and can build up on the hair. It can be effectively treated in the clinic with specific scalp creams to soften and remove the scale.

Katrina Horman - Scalp Acne
Katrina Horman - Scalp Acne

Scalp Acne


There are many different reasons for acne to occur on the scalp, from a build- up of oil and bacterial infections to autoimmune conditions. Some forms of acne can be intensely itchy, others painful and sore, but all should be investigated as some can cause small scars resulting in permanent hair loss. Most scalp acne’s can be effectively treated. Treatments can be in the form of medicated shampoos, topical lotions, creams, and some may also require oral antibiotics.


If you are suffering with any sore, itchy, spots, bumps, pimples or pustules on your scalp book a consultation for a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Greasy Scalp/Hair


Greasy hair is a common complaint, which can be embarrassing and frustrating as the hair appears oily and lank very soon after washing and styling it. It is normal for hair to be greasy 3-4 days after washing, but if your hair is greasy the next day or even a matter of hours after washing it can be due to a number of factors.


The scalp has an abundance of sebaceous glands that produce an oil known as sebum, sometimes these glands can be overactive producing excess sebum resulting in greasy hair and scalp. Sebum is actually important for hair and scalp health, acting as the hair’s natural conditioner, it also has antibacterial properties, but an over production can be due to hormonal changes such as during puberty or perimenopause. It may be due to hormonal imbalances as is the case with polycystic ovarian syndrome. It has also been linked to dietary issues.


Washing the hair frequently with an appropriate shampoo is important, as is diagnosing any underlying hormonal imbalances. If you are experiencing excessively oily scalp book a consultation to find out what the cause is and get an effective treatment plan.



Despite the name, ringworm doesn’t actually have anything to do with worms, it is actually a fungal infection that can cause hair loss and breakage. It is usually more common in young children and it is highly contagious therefore, a correct diagnosis and treatment is required to prevent further spreading.

Hair Texture Problems


There are some genetic hair conditions that can cause problems with the texture of the hair.
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To find out which treatments will be most suitable and effective, book your consultation and get an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.