What will Genetic Testing Tell You About Your Hair Loss?

Well hair loss is complicated and isn’t usually down to just one thing. There are many factors involved and your genetics do play a part but so do external factors such as lifestyle and environmental factors. When it comes to treating hair loss it is very important that both of these factors are addressed as a whole.
The test will detect DNA variations, and this will give us an understanding of how the characteristics of your metabolism contribute to your hair loss. It can be much more effective than a blood test alone.

Here are the 3 top reasons to get tested.

1. You have tried different treatments with little or no success. This test will reveal how your genetics and lifestyle are affecting your hair loss and armed with this knowledge, we can personalise your hair loss treatment to get you the best results possible.

2. Not all treatments work for everyone! When it comes to growing hair, it takes time and therefore, when you first start using a treatment such as minoxidil you have no idea if it is working at all, and you have to wait at least 3-6 months before you will know. With this test you will receive a report within 21 days that will identify a personalised treatment plan which is most likely to get you the best results possible. So, no need to waste time trying different treatments with little success.

3. You have a family history of hair loss and you want to find out if you are predisposed to the condition – Being informed allows you to make better lifestyle choices to limit the effect of those problematic genes.

At the Katrina Horman Trichology Clinic, we use the Fagron TrichoTest™ it is easy to use, and all it requires is a simple saliva swab which is carried out in the clinic, along with a consultation to answer some simple questions on your lifestyle.

Book your Fagron TrichoTest™ today and get started on your journey to personalised hair loss treatment.